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HVAC System

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  HVAC systems, Chiller systems and Refrigeration System.

In this instance the word refers not to the design of buildings but to the finishing that is required after HVAC installations have been completed and commissioned.

HVAC, particularly large scale installations will often require covering so as to hide them from sight and to provide an aesthetically pleasing outward appearance. In the main this will involve installing ceiling panels (often suspended) to hide overhead pipes ductwork, cables and cable trays, wall panels (to do the same) and floors that will, sometimes, be raised to allow cables, pipes and ducts to run underneath and out of sight.

Architectural finishing (or refurbishing) can also include painting and decorating, lighting systems, door and window installation, furnishing and floor coverings. In many cases, marine accommodation for example, materials and furnishings must adhere to SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) regulations, must have demonstrable fire prevention and suppression properties and adhere to international environmental standards.

Finally, sound proofing is an important part of architectural finishing as the quality of the environment that people must live and work in comes under greater scrutiny and regulation.