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Architectural finishing & outfitting

We provide materials to SOLAS and fire resistance international standards. Both  offshore & Onshore Sites.

  Ceilings and floors, insulation, wall coverings, installation of doors and windows,
  bathroom fixtures and fittings with associated plumbing,
  electrical wiring, lighting and power points.

Refrigeration is mainly required for food storage. However, it may also be required during manufacturing processes and in places used to store non-food items that are likely to spoil or degrade due to excessive heat or variations in temperature.

Refrigeration generally comes in four forms:-

Freezers – where items are frozen solid to keep them for extended periods of time (meat, fish, poultry)

Reefers/Chillers – (refrigerators or chill-rooms) where items are chilled to keep them fresh for certain periods of time (milk, dairy products, cooked foods)

Cool rooms – where items are kept at variable temperatures that are somewhat less than surrounding ambient temperatures (fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers)

Ventilated (dry) storage – for goods that need to be kept dry and protected from heat and moisture (tinned and packaged goods, sacks of grain/rice etc)