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Fire Detection & Protection System

We are specialists in fire protection, detection and suppression focusing on the high hazard and special risk industries such as petrochemical, oil & gas, offshore, power generation, semiconductor manufacturing industry, aviation and industrial plant. Water systems, Foam systems, Gas systems, Smoke detectors, Heat detectors, Manual detectors

This is all about wiring. Electrical wiring is self-explanatory being the source of power for the plant and equipment being used.

Instrumentation, however, is a more complex matter as more and more of the plant and equipment we install is computer controlled through digital control panels and associated data cables. System sub-systems like dampers, pressure sensors, heaters, dehumidifiers, fire detection and the like all require electrical and data wiring.

To protect them and keep them tidy as well as to ensure that the wiring itself is accessible and easy to identify, the cables are colour coded, labeled, insulated and carried in conduits or on cable trays.